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Baba Soul & The professors of Funk band
Baba Soul


In 2011 in the most unlikely of places – the remote subarctic city of Oslo, Norway – the Funk was reborn anew. Newly arrived on the shores of the frozen fjords, and compelled by his burning passion for classic-era Funk and Soul, Lisbon-native vocalist Hugo Castro (a.k.a. Baba Soul) set out on an inspired musical mission: to assemble the baddest band the North had ever seen and with their aid, re-establish the righteous glory of the Funk all over the world with a freshness yet unheard of. By the grace of the Gods of Groove, it came to be that seven Scholars of Stank came forth and answered Baba’s call, and thus the Professors of Funk were formed.

"BABA's Radiance and passion -
not to mention the voice -
was an experience enough on its own"

                                                             - Kristine T. Aas, Lillehammer ByAvis

Baba Soul & The Professors of Funk - Audience
Øystein Bendos Aune
Audun Berntsen
Stian Nordviste Skog
Andreas Løvold

The Professors

Comprised of a classic combo that combined a fiery rhythm section of guitar, bass, drums and organ with the support of a thunderous horn ensemble of trumpet, tenor sax and trombone – the stage was set for Baba Soul to take his rightful place at the head of this mighty musical force and begin a new chapter in European Funk history. From the get-go, Baba & the Professors have sought to research and refine the secrets of the masters of old, such as James Brown and the JB’s, Otis Redding and Booker T and MG’s, George Clinton and Parliament-Funkadelic, Kool and The Gang, and many others. However, despite due diligence to the timeless sounds and styles of the 60’s-70’s, Baba & the Professors have managed nonetheless to craft a unique and modern brand of revitalized Funk and Soul music by incorporating elements from related groove forms both new and old, such as Jazz, Gospel, Blues, Hip-Hop/R&B and Afro-beat. Ultimately, they have achieved a distinct sound which is both contemporary and classic – one which pays heed to today’s musical developments yet is also firmly rooted in the foundation of the authentic Old School.


     Since their inception, Baba and the Professors have been incessantly preaching the glory of their Funk gospel with a fervour and intensity of epic proportions through countless live-shows both in Norway and internationally. On stage, the combination of Baba’s entrancing soul croonery with the Professors’ infectious grooves has proved highly successful in mesmerizing audiences both young and old into a state of pure ass-shaking delight - the raw power and energy of their live-show experience converts even the squarest of squares into true believers of the Funk.

          The ultimate goal for Baba and the Professors, despite their profound methods and machinations, is essentially a simple one: to “Give the people what they want”. For both the people who have seen, heard and felt the sounds of Baba Soul & The Professors as well as those who haven’t, there is no doubt what that is (even if they don’t know it yet) – they “Want the Funk, Gotta have that Funk”. So Have No Fear - The Return of the Funk is Here, for the modern Scholars of Soul, the Gurus of Groove, the Syndicate of Stank that is Baba Soul & his Professors –  have come to once again provide with Heart, Booty and Mind, Sweet Music so Sublime so as to make you feel Divine. Can ya dig it?

"It's just so F•••ING groovy"

                                                             - Bjarne Brøndbo, D.D.E

Baba Soul and Michael Strüt


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Baba Soul & The Professors of Funk - Backstage
Hugo Pereira
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